The Central Station of New York (Grand Central Terminal)

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Grand Central Terminal or Grand Central, which is what all New Yorkers call it, is located on 42th Street and is one of the largest train stations in the United States with its 67 tracks, 44 platforms and its 19 hectares.

Grand Central Terminal, already centenary, is one of the two main train stations in New York, next to Pennsylvania Station or Penn Station, and probably the best known for having filmed in its interior a multitude of films like the Untouchables, Cotton Club, Superman or Men in Black, although the Pennsylvania Station is located just below the not less mythical Madison Square Garden.

History of Grand Central

The current building it replaced the old Grand Central Station, which was in the same location, and was built between 1903 and 1913. The station was designed by the architecture studios Reed and Stem (which was responsible for the main design of the station) and Warren and Wetmore (which added architectural details and the Beaux-Arts style of the main facade) and among the novelties that were applied the use of ramps instead of stairs for the movement of passengers and suitcases. The station was inaugurated the 2 of February of 1913.

Main features

The famous roof of the main hall, which is a constellation of stars, was conceived by the painter Paul César Helleu in 1912 and completely restored in the 1998 year. The Metlife tower, which is the tallest tower in the area, next to the Chrysler building, and which allows us to know where the Grand Central Terminal is located from mid-New York, replaced the office building of the station in 1963.

The central station has two floors of train platforms, with a capacity of 67 tracks (41 on the top floor and 26 on the bottom), and trains arrive through Park Avenue through a system of tunnels, which were designed before their opening in 1913.

Grand Central Lobby
Grand Central Lobby

Curious facts of Grand Central Terminal

As a curiosity indicate that daily pass through the station 125.000 more users, that the Amtrak trains stopped arriving at this station in the 1991 year and now must be picked up at Penn Station, so Grand Central Terminal only serves Metro-North Railroad trains and the station has a secret platform below the station, the number 61, which allows direct access to the Waldorf Astoria hotel, located nearby, and which has only been used once to give President Franklin D. Roosevelt access to this hotel.

The Grand Central Market

One of the most unknown things about Grand Central is that it has a market, Grand Central Market, which is possibly one of the best places where to go in New York to buy gourme productst, although it is also one of the most expensive. The entrance is right next to the subway, and you can also access the market from Lexington Ave.

How to get to Grand Central Terminal?

To get to Grand Central Terminal you just have to get off at the subway in Grand Central, the 4, 5, 6, 7 and S lines stop at the station.

More information

For more information about Grand Central Terminal, I recommend you visit the official website, in English. To read more about the centennial history of the station, I recommend you visit Grand by Design, also in English.

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