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One of the biggest tennis tournaments of the year is held in New York, the US Open Tennis, which is the fourth Grand Slam of the season and which in the 2019 year is celebrated from the 26 of August to the 8 of September. For all of you who are going to go I am going to give you information and a series of advice based on my experience going to this tournament.

Central track of the Us Open (Arthur Ashe)

Where is the US Open celebrated?

The US Open is celebrated in its entirety at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, where the Artur Ashe Stadium is located, the largest stadium in the world for tennis, and the rest of the tennis courts of the tournament. These facilities They are located in Queens, inside the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, a park that was held to host the Universal Exhibition of 1939 / 40 and which is the second largest in New York.

How to get to the US Open?

If you do not want to enjoy one of the biggest traffic jams in your life, I recommend that you do not even want to go by car or bus and instead go by metro or train. The The easiest way to get to the US Open is by using the subway, you can go up in the 7 line (abode) subway in Times Square or Grand Central Terminal, and in just under an hour you will have arrived at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The stop where you have to go down is called Mets-Willets Point. When you get to this metro station you have to leave it and by a footbridge cross the beach of tracks to get to the US Open area, at all times you will see Arthur Ashe Stadium in the background on your right, if after leaving the you dais de bruces station with the Metlife Stadium, which is where the Mets baseball team plays, you have wrong side when leaving the station, it is just the opposite. From the station to the stadium there will be more or less 10-15 minutes walking approximately.

Ticket sales for the US Open

The tennis US Open will be held from the 26 of August to the 8 of September of 2019 and ticket sales will be available in mid-June, approximately, you will be attentive to our Facebook or Twitter channels where we will promptly inform you of when the tickets are coming out. tickets for sale. For the first rounds it is easier to get tickets, and for the semifinals or finals it is more than likely that you have to go buy tickets to the official resale of Ticketmaster, which is the only place where I recommend buying the tickets. For more information and purchase of tickets, visit the website of Ticketmaster. The official resale is in the section named US Open Ticket Exchange and here you will find subscriber tickets that will not be able to attend all the sessions of the tournament, all done in an official way and with all the guarantees. If you already have to go to resale, I advise you to look at other resale portals, which may get better prices, such as in Superboleteria.

And remember, the center court is the Arthur Ashe, if you do not have an entrance for here you will not be able to see the best players. During the first week there is also the Ground Pass, which is only valid for the auxiliary tracks, and the pass to the Louis Armstrong or the Grandstand, which gives you only guaranteed access to the second or third track of the tournament, and access to all auxiliary tracks.

Tips for going to the US Open

Next we give you some tips for your visit to the US Open:

The first advice is on what to take to the stadium, and my recommendation is that do not take anything at all. They are very strict at the entrance, with airport-type controls and they will prevent you from entering with bags, backpacks, ... so if you do not want to take a dislike, I recommend you leave everything in the hotel and go with the minimum in your pockets: a identification document just in case, the tickets, the mobile, a good cap and some money to take a drink during the matches.

As for when to go, I recommend you check the schedule and the shifts of the games the previous day in the section Schedule from the official website of the US Open, and select those that most interest you. To arrive early, be at the stadium half an hour before approximately what the estimated game schedule indicates, because they can advance or delay the matches on the scheduled schedule, and go well protected against the sun.

Finally, if you do not come back very late from the US Open, on the way back I recommend you Get off the subway at Vermon Bld - Jackson Av. and go to see New York from the Gantry Plaza State Park, with spectacular views of Manhattan, especially if it is getting dark.

More information about the US Open

For more information and to see the tournament tables updated in real time, with the estimated hours at which the matches will take place, visit the official website of the tournament. U.S. Open.

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