Get a New York Metrocard step by step

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Many people ask me about How to get a New York Metrocard for unlimited travel, and his fears about having to do it in an automatic Metrocard vending machine or at the subway ticket offices, because of his poor command of Shakespeare's language.

To eliminate those fears, we have recorded a video in which we show you in a minute step by step how you should do to get a Metrocard 7 unlimited travel days on the subway or on the New York bus.

Types of Metrocard

Before we start, we will explain the card and the different types there are, because they cause a lot of confusion. There are two types of Metrocard, which are the same card and have the same name, but serve two different purposes:

  • Metrocard unlimited travel: It is the one we are talking about in this article, and allows you to travel during 7 or 30 days in an unlimited way on the subway or on the New York bus. It is personal and non-transferable, so if 2 people want to have unlimited travel for 7 days you should buy a card for each of them.
  • Metrocard with balance: In this case, the card has a balance, which you are charging in the vending machines that you find next to the ticket offices of the subway, and it works as a purse: Each time you use it in a lathe it discounts the amount of a trip. It can be used by up to 4 people at a time.

For those who are going to New York 3 or more days, definitely I recommend you buy the Metrocard unlimited travel, because it is amortized as soon as you make 11 trips by subway or bus. Taking into account the great distances of New York, the normal thing is that every day you do between 2 and 4 subway trips, if not more, with which almost certainly it will be amortized on the third day.

Steps to follow to buy a New York Metrocard

The truth is that it is very easy to get the Metrocard in a vending machine. In the first step we must indicate to the machine the language in which we want to work, and logically we will select Spanish. Next, we are asking for the type of card and the duration of it.

Following the steps of the video, we come to the selection of the payment method of the Metrocard, which may be the most complicated step of all. In the video we make the payment in cash, but if you want to make the payment by credit card you only have to select the last option on the right in that step. Of course, if you pay in cash, keep in mind that the machine will give you a maximum of $ 9 of exchange, and as a curiosity indicate that the machine will return the change in $ 1 coins, which can practically only be obtained in this type of machines, so If you are a coin collector I recommend that you pay your MetroCard in cash.

Once the money has been introduced, the machine will give us the Metrocard, which will be valid for seven days from the first use, and the change, do not forget to pick it up!

Tips and prices

As you can see, the process is quite simple and in less than a minute we will have got our New York Metrocard to be able to use the metro and the bus unlimited for 7 days of our stay in New York. The current price of the Metrocard is $ 34 to have unlimited travel for 7 days, and I recommend it even if you are only going to be in New York 4 or 5 days, it is amortized very quickly because with 11 trips that we do in the subway or bus we will have it amortized.

And children?

For those who go with the smallest of the house, up to 3 children who are less than 44 " (1,10 meters approximately) do not pay if accompanied by an adult, above that height must pay the ticket exactly like an adult.

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