Friend of a Farmer

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Friend of a Farmer is located in the vicinity of Union Square, and is a good restaurant to detox from so many pizza and hamburger that we take in New York eating or taking a healthy and natural brunch.

Basic data of Friend of a Farmer

Name: Friend of a Farmer


Address: 77 Irving Place

Phone: (212) 477-2188

Area: Downtown Manhattan - Soho

Type: Restaurant

Price: From 20 to 40 €

Interior of Friend of a Farmer
Interior of Friend of a Farmer

Restaurant comment

It is an authentic American restaurant that is very close to the Union Square, where it is cooked with the products of the garden a healthy and natural meal, so it's a good place to eat a "decent" day in New York.

In summer, on the outside, they set up a small terrace where they are very happy to have dinner, although it is also usually full, so it is best to book.

I recommend doing brunch there over the weekend, although yes, do not allow reservations for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays and is usually quite full. The plates are of affordable size for what is usually usual in the United States, so they are just the right size to not be hungry after lunch but not so big as to not be able to continue taking a walk in the area.

One of the dishes of Friend of a Farmer
One of the dishes of Friend of a Farmer

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