Bike tour through Central Park

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Today we have signed up for an activity for which some of you ask me: The experience of knowing in Central Park bike.

From here we thank Central Park Sightseeing that has invited us to make this trip with them to be able to know it firsthand and explain our experience.

The tour begins

We have signed up bike tour in Spanish, which is done at 10 in the morning, so we are in the store about a quarter of an hour before. After doing the paperwork to rent the bike, we left Central Park Sightseeing, located in the 56th street, right next to Sixth Avenue, walking, and this is the first stretch of 3 streets we walk and we get to know our guide and the rest of the group with whom we are going to do the tour in Spanish.

The Central Park Bike Tour begins
The Excursion begins

We start pedaling and we go to Bethesda

Upon reaching the entrance to Central Park, located at 3 streets, we got on the bike and began to discover the East side of Central Park. We started the tour by going to visit the statue of Balto, the famous Siberian husky that saved many people from dying of diphtheria by taking medication in Alaska. Next we come to the Bethesda fountain, where we got off the bike and they give us 10 minutes to see this famous square and the lake with the boat house. During the time we are standing, the guide is responsible for watching the bikes so that we do not have any unpleasant surprises, so we can go quietly to enjoy the place.

The Obelisk and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

After visiting Bethesda, we get back on the bike and we go up the park going through the obelisk, located right next to the Met and reaching Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, a beautiful lake where the guide tells us his story and that of the buildings located in its surroundings.

Belvedere Castle

We take the bike and go to the "hardest" section of the route, a small climb that takes us to the west part of the park, and from there to our next stop, Belvedere Castle. Since it is a bit far from the main road, the guide tells us again his story and stays watching the bikes so that we can climb the castle and in about fifteen minutes enjoy from there spectacular views of Central Park.Great Lawn from the Belvedere Castle

Great Lawn from the Belvedere Castle

Strawberry Fields and the tribute to John Lennon

After finishing here, we continued to one of the most famous areas of Central Park: The Dakota building, at whose door they killed John Lennon, and Strawberry Fields, a park with which the city of New York City honored him. Here we get off again from the bikes, and we have 5-10 minutes to enjoy the area.

We finish the tour

Finally, we got on the bikes and headed to the exit of Central Park, the bravest we got into the traffic of New York and crossed an avenue and the three streets away from where we are on the bike, and that some of the group do not dare to get into the traffic of New York, the guide is responsible for guiding them walking to the bike rental site. In total, 2 hours have been very short and in which we have discovered quite quickly Central Park and most of the most famous sites in the park. Undoubtedly, it is an original way to get to know the park in a short period of time, but yes, you must know how to ride a bike before doing these tours, and it is not necessary to be in a splendid form, in 2 hours we will have travel just 7 kilometers that are very easily done with the bicycle marches that rent us.

Possibilities for this excursion

To make this tour, there are two possibilities:

  • Make, like us, a tour with a guide, and sign up for one of the tour Central Park Tours.
  • Make the tour on your own and rent a bike for hours en Central Park Sightseeing, they will give you a map of the park and I recommend in this case extreme precautions in the traffic of New York and always have the habit of anchoring your bikes when you go down and go to see some part or monument of Central Park.

Rates (year 2019)

Make the bike tour with a guide costs $ 55 per person + taxes, for $ 15 more you can stay the bike all day if you want and $ 20 more you rent an electric bike, so you do not suffer on the slopes. If you want to rent the bike and do it for your account it costs from $ 15 the hour. For more information, schedules and reservations, I recommend visiting the website of Central Park Sightseeing, where you will find all prices and rates. This excursion is included in the tourist cards New York Pass and Go New York, and right now in the New York CityPASS give us a coupon to have a free hour of bike rental.

For more information on tourist cards, I recommend you go read our article with tips and recommendations to buy the best tourist card for your trip to New York.

And for those who know or do not want to ride a bike

Central Park Sightseeing also offers the possibility to do this excursion walking with a guide, the duration of the excursion is similar but you can logically see fewer Central Park sites. This tour is also included in the tourist cards, for more information and schedules I recommend you visit the official website of Central Park Sightseeing

Map of the bike route by Central Park

Other places of interest and nearby routes