Discovering the New York tourist bus

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One way to discover all of New York, especially for those who have very little time in the city, is to know the big apple on board one of the New York tour buses. I am going to talk about my experience in City Bus Tours, the rest of tour buses that exist in New York are quite similar.

In City Bus Tours you have two main circular routes, which converge in Times Square:

  • Uptown, which as its name suggests allows us to climb to the upper area of ​​the city. Its main stops are the Lincoln Center, the Museum of Natural History, the tomb of Grant, Harlem and the mile of museums.
  • Downtown, which allows us to discover the lower part of the city, being its main stops Union Square, SoHo, Chinatown, the ferries to Staten Island or the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center and Madison Square Garden.

So, if you want to get an idea of ​​the routes that the bus makes, you can download here un map with the current tourist bus routes.

As we said before, the routes are circular, so going from one stop to the next is simple, just wait at the next bus stop and get on it, but it is not possible to return to the previous stop without making the whole circuit . Because of this, the bus allows us to make the idea of ​​New York quickly and easily, but we do not use it as a means of transport around the city.

Approaching the World Trade Center on the tourist bus in New York
Approaching the World Trade Center on the tourist bus

In the two indicated routes the first bus leaves at 8 inthe morning of Times Square, and the last leaves at 6 inthe afternoon. Both routes last about two or three hours If you do not get off at any time on the bus, it will depend on the traffic you have that day in New York, and on very sunny days it is advisable to bring a good cap or visor and bring some water to hydrate during the journey, since the most Interesting within the bus are those located at the top of it, which are usually exposed to the sun.

Throughout the journey we will have a guide speaking in English, who will be talking about the different parts of the city that we are going through at that time, the buildings that we find on our way or the anecdotes that have happened in that part of the city. For those who do not speak English, in all seats there is a channel where a Spanish/French/German audioguide is giving you this information.

Madison Square Garden from the tourist bus in New York
Madison Square Garden from the tourist bus

Undoubtedly, a good way to know and situate yourself in the city of New York, especially for those who are the first time they visit the city and have a New York Pass or a Sightseeing Pass, where this tourist bus is included as an attraction more than you can use. For more information about all the tourist cards, and what each one includes, I recommend you read our tips and recommendations to choose the best tourist card for your trip to New York.

For more information about this service, you can also visit the official website of Big Bus Tours New York.

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