Discovering Governor's Island

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Governor's Island It is a military fort located on an island in the Hudson Bay and has recently been converted into a park for the use and enjoyment of all New Yorkers during the summer. Its name comes from the period of British domination, because this is where the Governor of New York lived. As a historical curiosity indicate that Governor's Island was the last official meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1988.

Where is Governor's Island?

Located less than 800 meters from Manhattan and less than 400 meters from Brooklyn, To access you must take a ferry at Battery Maritime Building, right next to the Staten Island ferry dock, which costs $ 3 for the round trip ($ 1 for over 65 years and free for children under 12 years), except for the weekend, that until the 11: 30 in the morning is free. During the weekends there is also a ferry that departs from Brooklyn Bridge Park to the island, but I recommend you go better to Battery Maritime Building, and so do not miss it.

As for schedules, midweek a ferry leaves every hour in each direction approximately, in such a way that at the exact hour the ferry leaves Manhattan towards Governor's Island and to the average it makes the reverse way, the weekend there is more frequency of ferries. On the weekend the frequency of the services is extended, and there will be a ferry every 20 minutes, and you can even visit it at night. For more information about ferry schedules, visit the official website of Governor's Island.

When do I recommend you go?

To make this route I recommend you go better during the week, you will have much more tranquility during your visit to Governor's Island and so you can take advantage of the offer they make for you rent for free one hour of bicycle if you arrive before 12 in the morning to the island.

Going on the ferry to Governor's Island

If you put to the bow of the ferry you can see perfectly how we access the dock of Governor's Island, at the stern of the ship you will have beautiful views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The trip lasts just 10 minutes, we barely have time to enjoy the views of the Financial District and see how helicopters take off from the helipad, where you'll have to go if you want to take a helicopter ride through New York.

New York from the ferry to Governor's Island
New York seen from the ferry to Governor's Island

Rent a bike

As soon as we disembark we will go to the right, just after passing Castle Williams we find the booths of the bicycle rental service. As I said before, on working days before 12 in the morning you can rent free 1 hour a bicycle to walk around the island, something that I recommend because there is no traffic on the island and you can see the whole island quickly and then choose what you like most to visit later. To rent the bicycle you will be required a credit card, whose receipt will remain as a guarantee of the bicycle. If you go several you can also rent, although they are not free, a tandem or a vehicle for 4 0 6 people and go all together on the island.

Seeing the Statue of Liberty

In just 5 minutes we are already circulating with our bike by Governor's Island, it makes a very pleasant temperature and you want to pedal. Just off the road, as if we wanted to get away from Manhattan, we found a small intersection and we went to the right, where we have a beautiful promenade that borders the entire island. From here you will enjoy Beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and all Financial District. The walk ends in the Hills, which as its name indicates are some hills that we can then climb and enjoy a spectacular view of New York and the smallest of the house enjoy throwing themselves by the slides that have been put for them.

Statue of Liberty from Governor's Island
Statue of Liberty from Governor's Island

Seeing the rest of the island

We have no choice but to go to the left, and there we will go to the old fort, Fort Jay, the houses where the military lived, Colonels Row, and the pier where the Brooklyn ferries arrive, which is closed as it is a working day. During the walk on this other side of the island, the route that borders it allows us to see the whole area of ​​Brooklyn.

Colonels Row
Colonels Row

Once finished your tour and return the bike and you just have to go back to the places that you liked or return to the pier to catch the ferry back to Manhattan.

Opening dates (year 2019)

  • From the 1 of May to the 31 of October.

Schedules (year 2019)

  • From Monday to Friday: From 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon.
  • Saturdays and Sundays: From 10 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon.

Governor's Island location map

More information about Governor's Island

For more information, I recommend you visit the official website of Governor's Island, in English.

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