Destinations near New York

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Here is a list of destinations near New York and you can take your trip to visit them:


The city of Boston, one of the oldest in the United States, since it was founded in 1630, is located in New York, about four hours by train and five hours by bus. Apart from its beautiful historical center, Boston is known as the "Athens of America" ​​for its more than 100 colleges and universities that are in its area of ​​influence, being probably the best known Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT), which year after year are considered the two best universities in the world. More information and routes around Boston.

Washington DC

The capital of the United States is located in New York about three hours by train and four and a half hours by bus, so it is possible to go and return on the day from New York. Apart from visiting its most famous monuments (White House, Capitol, Monuments to Lincoln, Washington, ...) it is worth going to Smithsonian museums, free entry and collections impossible to find elsewhere, such as the spectacular Museum of the Air and Space, where you can find all the history of aviation and the space race. More information and routes in Washington DC.


The Windy city, as it is also known in the United States, is located about 2 hours by plane from New York. For those who want to visit, I recommend that at least a couple of days or three to this city, what I'm sure is that they will not regret going and see its spectacular architecture on the shores of Lake Michigan. More information and routes around Chicago.

Niagara Falls

The famous Niagara Falls, with more than 20 million annual visitors, are located one hour by plane from New York and is a destination par excellence to celebrate the wedding or the honeymoon in the United States. That yes, I recommend you go better from May to October, in the rest of the year it is very cold and some of the tourist attractions will be closed. More information and routes around Niagara Falls.

And if you want to organize the trip ...

If your problem is how to organize your travelIn these destinations, you always have the possibility of hiring local guides who offer you the possibility to go and return in the day to these places, or to make a tour of several days for them, as for example WePlann offers you and their Excursions from New York to Niagara, Washington or Boston, one day long and conducted with Spanish-speaking guides, or their circuits in the eastern United States and even Canada lasting several days from New York.