Day at Financial District and Brooklyn

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On this walk we will take a tour of the Hudson to see the Statue of Liberty, we will visit Financial District, where is it located Wall Street or the oldest park in New York, Bowling Green, and we will cross the river by subway to visit the Brooklyn neighborhood and end the day crossing the Brooklyn bridge to go back to Manhattan

We start with the Statue of Liberty

To start the day, nothing better than to start visiting without a doubt the most iconic icon of New York, the Statue of Liberty, which is located on the Hudson welcoming the city.

For those who want to avoid the line 2-3 hours in Battery Park to catch the ferry to the island of Liberty, there is a much cheaper alternative and from my point of view much more interesting that is the ferry to Staten Island, and more from the 11-S, from which visits to the interior of the Statue of Liberty have been very restricted and we must request access to the crown of the Statue of Liberty very well in advance of our trip or You can only walk around the Statue of Liberty.

The ferry to Staten Island

Therefore, we will start the day by going by subway to Whitehall Street station. There, just opposite is the ferry station to Staten Island (valid subway to Whitehall street or South Ferry).

This free ferry gives us a ride right through the front of the Statue of Liberty to Staten Island. We will have to enter the first right of the ferry if we want to have a good place to take pictures of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan (if you're not a hustler, go up the stairs and go to a deck that is just behind you, they only open when the ferry goes towards Staten Island), and turn left. To get back to Manhattan, follow the group of tourists at Staten Island station.

The trip takes approximately between an hour and a quarter and an hour and a half, depending on the traffic of the bay.

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Bowling Green and the Wall Street craziness

On the way back, we went up to Bowling Green Park and on Broadway we see the famous Charging Bull, to then go up for the first time to Zone Zero of the World Trade Center and go down to Wall Street at 12-14 hours to see the brokers while they go out to eat in the surrounding parks. The main sites of interest in this area are Wall Street and the famous New York Stock Exchange (New York Stock Exchange), and just on the side of this building is the Federal Hall and the Washington Monument, which was where the first congress of the United States and where George Washington was elected as the first president of the United States. At present Federal Hall is a tourist office in the city where we can get all kinds of information and maps of New York.

Zero zone

Right next to, going down Liberty Street and crossing Zuccotti Park we find the Plaza del Memorial and the 11-S Museum, the train station and the shopping center Oculus, designed by Santiago Calatrava and recently opened to the public, and the One World Trade Center, with the highest observatory in New York City, the One World Observatory.

Financial District Video

Here you have a video where we show you the main points of interest of the Financial District:

We're going to Brooklyn

Retracing our steps, at the Wall Street / William Street subway stop (as you are looking at the Wall Street door, on the street behind you, on the right is the stop) take the red line towards Brooklyn one stop to Clark Street (or to Court Street, where you exit Montague street to the Promenade), and then exit to the Brooklyn Promenade.

Brooklyn Promenade
Brooklyn Promenade

Enjoying the views of Manhattan from Brooklyn

Walk up to the Brooklyn Bridge by the promenade, and when it finishes, go out to Columbia Heights and continue walking down this street until you reach Old Fulton Street. There I recommend you eat at Juliana's Pizza, an excellent pizzeria that is at the 19 Old Fulton street, or at Grimaldi's, which is right next up the street. When you finish eating, get close to the pier and if the time comes to go to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory to buy an excellent ice cream, really good, to lower the food and enjoy an excellent view of Manhattan while you take a walk on the pier or by Brooklyn Bridge Park, which starts on our left from the pier. Going up Old Fulton Street you come to a park and on the left you have the stairs to go up to the pedestrian area of ​​the Brooklyn Bridge. If you are not yet very tired from the previous trip, you can go down the other side of the stairs, and walking towards the river we reach DUMBO, an area that was once degraded but now filled with art galleries and offers excellent views of the bridges of Brooklyn and Manhattan with the city in the background.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

For those who went to DUMBO, retrace your steps, and begin to cross the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. That's right, have the camera ready and some good batteries, because you will get sick of taking pictures.

Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn bridge

End of the route: Alternatives for later

The Brooklyn Bridge ends right next to City Hall, the City Hall of New York. In the World Trade Center area, just in front of the metro stop, is Century 21, which is a giant outlet where you can go to buy clothes, shoes, .... at a great price.

If you are not tired, you can go either to South SeaPort and the Pier 17, or to Chinatown and Little Italy, which are located quite close to the end of the Brooklyn Bridge, on the Manhattan side, going up Center Street.

Map of the route by Financial District and Brooklyn

Other places of interest and nearby routes