Custom plans for New York

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Are you going to New York and do not know where to start planning your trip? Let us help you with our new planning service.

With this service, we give on the platform TripUniq, you tell us what are the days you are going to be in New York, what do you most want to see in the city, where do you want us to give you more information, how many are you, what are your plans for your stay in the city and we will generate a personalized plan for you, adapted exclusively for your trip, in which we will tell you day by day what you have to do, where you can eat or what activities are done in New York during your stay.

For more information, visit this website to request your personalized plan:

Also, now as launching offer, enjoy a special price to request your personalized plan for New York. Enter now and request your personalized travel plan to New York.

How long do you take to give me this plan?

The personalized plan takes approximately 3 days to deliver it to you, since you give us all the data and we write it until we deliver it to you.

Will I be able to consult the plan when I am there if I do not have a connection?

Yes, although it is easy to get a Free WiFi in New York, the TripUniq app, in which we will give you the plan, allows you to download all the information and consult it at any time without connection. The app is available for both Android and IOS.

Will you contact me during the process?

Sure, be attentive to your email and the messages we will send you, if we have questions we will contact you to ask for more information or give you a proposal so that you can choose which one is the most interesting for you before finally giving you the planning.

What data are interesting that you give during the registration process?

Apart from giving us the dates of the trip, it would be very interesting to provide us with the hotel or accommodation where you are staying in the city, so that you can plan every day starting at your residence. It is also interesting that you tell us your tastes, if for example you want to make a bike route through Central Park, or like to see the museums and you are going to dedicate them time or just want us to tell you which are the most outstanding works to make a quick visit and do not miss the main thing. It is also interesting to know if it is the first time or not that you are going to New York, and if there is something that you especially want to go see or want to avoid, it will be very useful for us to indicate it during the registration process.

For how many days do I ask for the planning?

If I were you, I would ask for the planning for the number of days I will be in New York, minus the first and last days. The first day you will usually get tired in the afternoon, and what you will do is take a short walk around the hotel and little else, and on the last day you will leave in the middle of the afternoon, so the morning will normally be left to see those things that are not You could see, because it was bad weather or because you were very tired, make the last purchases and little else.

More information

For more information and request your personalized plan, visit the website of TripUniq.

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