Crossing the Manhattan Bridge

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I have been in New York for many years and I had never given to cross the Manhattan bridge by walking. Undoubtedly, the most mythical and well-known bridge in New York is the Brooklyn Bridge, which comes out in a thousand and one films and in the photos of every self-respecting tourist, and my experience crossing this bridge has always been using the subway when you go to the DUMBO or Brooklyn area, but some pictures that I saw from the Manhattan Bridge of the whole area of ​​Chinatown aroused my curiosity, so I took my camera and on a nice day to walk I got off the subway in Chinatown and I proposed cross him walking.

Entering the Manhattan Bridge from Chinatown

When you leave the subway in Chinatown, on Canal Street, many times you think that you have lost your way and for some strange reason the subway has taken you to a small area of ​​China. Once seen all the trinkets, souvenir shops and imitations of Chinatown, if you're still walking down Canal Street you go to the entrance For Manhattan bridge vehicles, the pedestrian entrance is signposted and is located to the right of the bridge.

You start crossing seeing Chinatown

When you climb over the bridge, you start to gain height and you start to see the whole Chinatown area. Unlike the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge has a huge fence and, although you see the perspective perfectly, only by a gap that leave us at the height of the hip is it possible to take pictures or videos without the fence. As soon as you start, just below you have Chinatown, and if you take photos you will look like you are in the middle of China, if it were not for the imposing One World Trade Center that we always have in the background, unmistakable with its more than 500 meters high.

Little by little we are approaching the East River and our views of Manhattan are improving, until we reach the height of the FDR highway, where we have a Beautiful view of Financial District with the whole Brooklyn Bridge.

Chinatown from the Manhattan Bridge
Chinatown from the Manhattan Bridge

Something not so good: The noise

And is that the Manhattan Bridge, apart from road traffic, which goes up the top floor and do not see it, continuously pass the different metro lines, and that if you're going to notice. Every time the subway passes, the ground starts to rumble and makes a noise of a thousand demons, although at the end of the ride you've almost got used to it.

We begin the descent of the bridge

We begin to descend, and the views of Brooklyn are improving As you progress, you will be left with beautiful photos of the entire DUMBO area, which I recommend you visit after this trip. With a good zoom you can make beautiful photos with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground and Financial District in the background

DUMBO from the Manhattan Bridge
DUMBO from the Manhattan Bridge

The end of the Manhattan Bridge

After almost an hour, what we took in walk the approximately 3 kilometers of the bridge, we arrive at DUMBO, and I can only recommend that you return on your steps to the river, you approach the beach area and you sit for a while to enjoy the beautiful views of Manhattan, a must if it just coincides with the sunset and the sunset with Manhattan buildings in the background.

What to do after crossing the Manhattan Bridge?

No doubt I recommend you visit the area, as described in my walk through DUMBO, and go to know all the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the pier area, where you can take a spectacular ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory to recover strength, that we deserved it with this walk. Once you have seen everything, you can have lunch or dinner at Juliana's or Grimaldi's and then up Old Fulton Street to go back to Manhattan crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, and thus you will have known on a walk two of the most iconic bridges in New York.

Map of the route by the Manhattan Bridge

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