Tips for going to New York

We know how difficult it is to plan a trip to New York without ever having been in the Big Apple before, and the time it will take to plan it in such a big city and with so many places to see.

That is why in these pages we want to offer you all kinds of tips and recommendations to make your trip to New York unforgettable. In these articles you will find information about the sites that are essential for me and you can not miss your trip to New York to my favorite places to go shopping or restaurant recommendations for all pockets and cooking styles. I will also recommend a nightclub where one day you can have a drink and enjoy a good live music.

We also have a guide with my favorite viewpoints Free and paid from New York, for you to choose within your means, and some recommendations in case you go to New York with your children.

And if the stress can be with you, or you want to relax from all the hustle and come and go all day, I suggest places to relax for a while before returning to the New York jungle, sure to help you get it and continue with more strength in your trip .

Finally, we offer you a section where we put some links that we consider of interest for your trip, I hope that with all these tips it is easier to prepare your trip to New York.

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