Medieval art and colossal modern churches in New York

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You can spend a magnificent day in New York of great and beautiful contrasts between the medieval architecture that we find in The Cloisters and the colossal modern churches of St. John the Divine or Riverside Church, passing through the University of Columbia and one of the neighborhoods most emblematic of New York as is Harlem.

Going to The Cloisters

We begin our route by visiting The Cloisters, located in a beautiful park north of Manhattan that is accessed or by subway, although you must take a walk of about 15 minutes from the subway to the Cloisters, or taking the bus number that can be taken along Fourth Avenue (Madison Ave), which leaves you at the door of the main building and that is what I recommend.

Get on the bus and cross between other areas Harlem is of great interest for the cultural variety of passengers that go up and down according to the districts that are crossed and the observation we can make of the people and streets where it circulates, with the advantage that it ends its route in the place we are going to visit.

A visit to The Cloisters

Inside a medieval building and in a beautiful setting with excellent views of Harlem and Washington Bridge we find The Cloisters, a set of medieval cloisters carried stone by stone from Spain and France, as for example the Romanesque of San Michelle de Cuixá, the chapel of San Martín de Fuentidueña, the tapestries of the hunting of the Unicorn, ... that will leave us amazed. This museum can be visited with the same entrance as the Metropolitan Museum.

We visited the tomb of a president

Once we have finished our visit, in the same bus we will go down Broadway to 125 street and from there we go to see the Monument to Grant, general winner of the American Civil War between North and South, and who was later President of the United States. In it is his tomb and that of his wife, in a style that pretends to resemble that of Napoleon of Paris, as well as objects, flags and descriptions of the American Civil War.

The Cloisters
The Cloisters

We visited Riverside, a beautiful church

Very close to Grant's grave is located the most beautiful church in Manhattan, Riverside Church, of neogothic style and a spectacular bell tower, today in works from which, when it reopens, splendid views of New York are obtained. Its interior is beautiful and worth visiting.

We passed through the university district

Walking to 116 street with Broadway we can visit the campus of Columbia University, worth seeing because of the atmosphere that is breathed throughout the area and the classical monumentality of its buildings. It is worth visiting the library and see the Alma Mater sculpture, representative of the university spirit.

We ended up in St John the Divine

We can finish our walk on 110 street with Amsterdam Avenue and check the American desire for greatness by visiting the episcopal cathedral of St. John the Divine, still unfinished, and that pretends to be, when it is finished, the biggest in the world of Gothic style. It is worth visiting the finished part of its great interior and carefully observe its grandiose façade.

Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Throughout the day you can have a snack or eat at any of the establishments around the campus of Columbia University in a pleasant university environment.

Map of the route

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