Walk around Chelsea Market and the High Line

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On this route we are going to move through the neighborhood of Meatpacking district, located in the western part of Manhattan. In other times, this was a fairly degraded area of ​​New York, but thanks to initiatives like Chelsea Market or the High Line has managed to become fashionable and be living a new youth right now. To get to this area it is best to walk from Union Square or take the blue metro line and get off at the 8th Ave. stop - 14th st.

We started with Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market, located on 9th Avenue with 15th street, is located in a former Nabisco factory, specifically in this factory where they were invented their famous Oreos. In an incredible rehabilitation exercise, the old factory has become a beautiful office building, and on the lower floors is the market where you can buy all kinds of things and stop for lunch or dinner. It is highly recommended to walk around the complex admiring certain details that have left the old factory and take advantage to buy something to eat later on the High Line, or return to eat at the end of this walk.

If we left the Chelsea Market by the other end we entered, we went to the 10th avenue between 15th and 16th streets. If we go to the right, just at the corner of 16th street there are some stairs and an elevator that give us direct access to the High Line.

History of the High Line

The High Line is one of the latest acquisitions in New York City. This park, located in the old train tracks, has been opening little by little: in June of 2009 the first stretch that comprises from Gansevoort street, just next to the new headquarters of the Withney museum, until the 20th street of Manhattan, in June of 2011 the second section was opened, from the 20th street to the 30th street approximately, and in October of 2014 the final section was opened, the so-called Rail Yard that runs in the form of U from 30th Street to 34th Street, above the Penn Station road, with spectacular views, especially the Hudson.

Chelsea Market
Chelsea Market

Touring the High Line

The High Line is a walk of about 3 kilometers in total and it allows you to have another vision of Manhattan, because it is getting into the buildings, it is somewhat elevated on the street and allows you to see beautiful views of New York and its skyscrapers. The High Line passes right by the Chelsea Piers, the old port of Chelsea, place that the famous Titanic had to have reached, and that has been converted into a set of sports clubs and gymnasium and that is located on 11th Avenue, and right next to the 18th street we can see the IAC building, designed by Frank Gehry.

The tour ends right near the Penn Station, on the 10 avenue, next to the new subway station, Hudson Yards, where the 7 subway line arrives, and which allows us to be at a stop in Times Square or Two subway stops in Bryant Park.

Hudson Yards

Right at the end of the High Line we find the Hudson Yards, Manhattan's newest exclusive neighborhood, where you'll find The Vessel, its famous golden staircase, the Shed, an auditorium, and a shopping center with shops or restaurants. If you want to go to The Vessel, you must book your free tickets in your official website At least two weeks in advance, they leave every day at 8 in the morning, New York time, tickets for two weeks, or play it and go to see if you are lucky and tickets are available to go up in the the same day.


Duration of the ride

The walk through Chelsea Market and the High Line lasts approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the time you spend visiting the various Chelsea Market stalls and the breaks you make during the tour.

How to get to Chelsea Market and the High Line?

To get to the start of the walk, at Chelsea Market, I recommend going by subway on lines A, C, E and L to 14 Street / 8 Ave, if you finish the whole walk the High Line ends next to the subway station. 34th Street - Hudson Yards of the 7 line, and the next stop on this line is Times Square.

Map of the route

More information

For more information, visit the official website of Chelsea Market and the Highline, both in English, where they tell you news and information about the activities that take place throughout the year.

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