Cafe Wha?

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Talk about the Cafe Wha? is to talk about one of the most famous places in the Village. Located in Greenwich Village, at the Wha Cafe? In the beginning they have performed great world rock singers like Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen.

Basic information about Cafe Wha?

Name: Cafe Wha?


Address: 115 Macdougal Street

Phone: (212) 254-3706

Area: Greenwich Village

Type: Restaurant with live music

Price: 20 least €

Entrance to Cafe Wha?
Entrance to Cafe Wha?

Restaurant comment

The Coffee Wha? is a mythical New York local Greenwich Village where they began to forge his legend in New York myths of the likes of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix or Bruce Springsteen, and one of the few that survives to this day.

It is an excellent place to spend a great evening while you dine with live music (pop / rock in general). The ideal is to go soon, around the 8 - 8: 30 in the afternoon and have some typical American hamburger. On weekends there are usually two passes, 8 and 11 at night, and if you want to stay, you can do it but it is likely that you will be charged an extra for doing it.

When there are no performances by guest artists and only the Cafe Wha band performs (usually on Wednesdays and Sundays) it is free to enter the premises but they force you to take a minimum of 2 drinks. In any case, I recommend making a reservation before going on the website of the Cafe Wha?, It is usually full, especially on weekends.

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