Buy musical tickets in New York

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One of the things that is most worth doing on your trip to New York is enjoy live one of the Broadway musicals, since here we can find some of the best musical shows in the world, with great actors and actresses in their main roles. In this article we are going to try to solve the doubts that you ask me about how to buy tickets for musicals in New York.

Buy musical tickets in New York
Posters of the Broadway musicals

What is called Broadway?

First of all it is necessary to clarify that there are several Broadways within New York:

  • When they refer to Broadway, New Yorkers refer to the main theaters of Broadway, located in the vicinity of Times Square and which are the most successful shows and with the most public, therefore the most expensive, such as the Lion King, Aladdin, The Phantom of the Opera, Cats or this year's bombshell, Hamilton.
  • Off-Broadway they are theaters located in the vicinity of Broadway, and they offer musicals of less success of public or that are beginning and that if they work well they will move to the theaters of Broadway. The price of Off-Broadway theaters is also lower.
  • Off-off-Broadway they are generally small theaters that make up an alternative theater circuit and of high quality.

The best Broadway musicals

If you want to what a show to see, I recommend that, if you do not have a high level in English, select one of the best-known musicals, such as the Lion King, Frozen, King Kong, Pretty Woman, Aladdin, Chicago o The Phantom of the Opera, that surely you can continue because you have previously seen the movie or the musical in Spanish.

Many people ask me about the experience of going to see a musical on Broadway, and in this article I leave you my most recent experience watching a musical: Anastasia.

Buy tickets for the Lion King on Broadway, Aladdin, Chicago, ...

Another common question about Broadway musicals is if it's worth catching the tickets in advance. My advice is this:

If you want to go see some of the most famous and spectacular Broadway musicalsAs the Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera or Chicago, it is best to buy tickets well in advance before your trip or it is more than likely that you do not have tickets the day you want to go see. For this, I usually look at the price on five websites, apart from looking at the price on the official websites of the musicals:

  • WePlann: The advantage of this website is that it is all in Spanish, including all the information of theaters and musicals. In addition, it allows you to choose seats in the most important musicals and you can pay easily and safely in your local currency.
  • Hellotickets: This Spanish company offers tickets for the main Broadway shows, and they allow you to pay in your local currency.

  • Viator: They offer the main Broadway musicals in Spanish, and several tours to show you the best of the Broadway and Times Square theaters.
  • BroadwayBox: It is my reference of Broadway in English, because not only do you have the billboard but also videos of all the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.
  • Ticketmaster: Also only in English, they have resale option if for one day you do not find tickets and you want to go to a specific musical, but be clear that the price of each ticket will go up.

Buy tickets for Broadway with discount

If you do not care especially what musical to go, you can buy same-day tickets with great discounts that are offered at the last minute in places like TKTS Times Square, just below the Times Square steps, which is usually crowded, or in the TKTS of South Street Seaport or Lincoln Center, that are less saturated. When buying Broadway tickets on TKTS as an advantage You will get a good discount, but as a disadvantage you will not sell tickets for the most demanded musicals (they do not have tickets for the Lion King, for example), or they only have good locations in shows with less hook, but if you do not have preference for a musical especially and do not mind doing the queue, they only sell at the box office on the day of the show, you can get tickets at good prices. For more information about the locations of the different points of sale, visit the TKTS New York official website.

The lottery at Broadway theaters

Some theaters hold a lottery on the day of the show offering you great discounts at the entrance, or offer very reduced tickets early in the morning for a limited number of tickets. I do not recommend this method to get the tickets, because you will have to go to the queue at the very first hour and you will lose all the morning without knowing if you will finally have tickets for the show that day or not, also getting tickets that obviously do not go to be the best of the theater (usually you will have some small visibility problem or you will be standing all the work or in the highest part and far from the stage)

Posters of the Broadway musicals
Posters of the Broadway musicals

Latest tips to buy tickets for musicals in New York

Finally, as a last advice, I recommend that when you buy select the option of e-ticket (print at home the tickets for the theater) or Will Call (collect tickets at the theater box office), which are usually free options and you avoid You have to send the tickets to your home or hotel, with its corresponding additional cost.

If when you go to buy the tickets they warn you that the location is "Obstructed View", you have to know that you are going to have visibility problems of some part of the stage during the musical, and if it is "Standing Room" you will see all the work of foot, you have no right to seat.

I hope that with these little tips you are encouraged to enjoy during your stay one of the musicals in New York, it will surely be something you will remember from your trip around the corner.

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