Burger Joint, at Le Parker Meridien

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We are facing the one that is possibly the best hamburger in New York, in a place where you will be struck by the glamor of the hotel with that old touch that Burger Joint has. Of course, the tails are usually up to the quality of the burger, so I recommend avoiding the peak hours of lunch or dinner and in any case arm yourself with patience in the queue to try their spectacular cheeseburger.

Basic data of Burger Joint

Name: Burger Joint

Website https://www.burgerjointny.com/56thstreet

Address: 119 56th West Street

Phone: (+212) 708 7414

Area: Midtown Manhattan

Type: Restaurant

Price: 20 least €

Entrance to Burger Joint
Entrance to Burger Joint

Restaurant comment

Located in the lobby of the Le Parker Meridien hotel, in one of the most luxurious hotels in Manhattan, we find Burger Joint. Just past the hotel reception you will see on the left a line of people glued to a curtain and in the background the most typical symbol of Burger Joint, its hamburger neon that marks its situation.

The burger shop clashes with the ambience of the hotel: When you get past the curtain and enter the premises, you will find one of the most underground sites in New York, in a brutal contrast with the glamor that is breathed throughout the hotel.

Of course, its fame is very justified, we are probably faced with one of the best burgers in New York, and do not expect to eat anything else if you go to Burger Joint. Inside we find a few tables, always full, but the rotation is so big that you will find a place to eat when it's your turn to ask. The ketchup or mustard you find scattered by the tables, so if your table does not have ketchup do not hesitate to ask a table nearby.

Undoubtedly, if you want to try an authentic American hamburger I recommend you to be patient and go try it at Burger Joint. Recently, they have opened a headquarters in Brooklyn, but I recommend going to see this branch of Midtown, which is the original and the most famous.

Interior of the Burger Joint
Interior of the Burger Joint

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