Bryant Park

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Undoubtedly Bryant Park Park has a special charm, it is my favorite park in New York.

With an area of ​​almost 4 hectares, it is located in a privileged location, on 42th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, a few steps from Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building.

History of Bryant Park

At 1686, when the area was still a lot of greenery, the colonial governor of New York, Thomas Dongan, designated the area now known as Bryant Park as a public space. George Washington's troops crossed this area while retreating from the Battle of Long Island at 1776. From 1823, Bryant Park was used as a mass grave and remained so until 1840, when thousands of bodies were moved to Wards Island and it was decided to create a park in this area.

The park was opened in 1847 under the name of Reservoir Park, and it was not until 1884 when it changed its name to the current one. In the beginning, Bryant Park was located right next to the main water reservoir in New York, which was demolished in 1890 and replaced in 1911 by the New York Public Library, a beautiful library that is worth a visit as it is one of the largest public libraries in the United States, with more than 53 million volumes.

In the decade of 1970, Bryant Park had been taken by drug traffickers, prostitutes and homeless people, and was considered a "forbidden zone" by ordinary citizens and visitors, the park was seen as a symbol of New York's decline .

In the 1980 decade, a group of prominent New Yorkers, including members of the Rockefeller family, intend to restore the park and in 1992, after four years of work, the new park of Bryant Park is inaugurated after the restoration and is immediately recovered by the New Yorkers and considered by many as one of their favorite places in the city, being considered one of the main examples of the New York Renaissance in the 1990 decade.

Bryant Park
Bryant Park

Activities in Bryant Park

One of the peculiarities of Bryant Park is that you find scattered around the park a multitude of tables and chairs, which are used by real New Yorkers to eat or rest and chat with friends, so one day of your stay in New York I recommend you buy take-away food at any restaurant or deli in the area and enjoy lunch in Bryant Park while you watch the people passing by and take advantage of the park's free Wi-Fi to read the news, read your mail or get up to speed for a while . It also has a beautiful merry-go-round in one of the sides of the park, and a cafeteria where you can buy your food by beating the New York Library and the William Cullen Bryant statue, which gives the park its name and watches over it from above.

Cinema in summer ...

During the summer, classic movies are shown on Monday night in the park esplanade, and New York fashion week is celebrated in the second week of September, with daily parades.

Le Carrousel, the Bryant Park merry-go-round
Le Carrousel, the Bryant Park merry-go-round

... and skating rink in winter

During the winter, an ice skating rink is installed, much used by New Yorkers, and no one can go to New York for Christmas and not go through the Christmas market that is installed in Bryant Park, probably the most famous in New York.

How to get to Bryant Park?

The park is located a stone's throw from Times Square, and in the immediate vicinity we find the following metro stops:

  • Lines B, D, F and M (42nd St / Bryant Park)
  • 7 Line (5th Ave)

More information about Bryant Park

For more information about the park and the activities that can be carried out during the year, visit the Bryant Park official website, in English.

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