Enjoy a musical at Broadway Week 2019

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During two periods in the year the Broadway Week, a few weeks of January and September in which tickets are offered to the main Broadway musicals with interesting discounts, up to 50% or 2x1, for those who want to go see their favorite musical, so it is undoubtedly a very interesting to see live a Broadway show.

Shubert Theater, on Broadway

Winter Broadway Week

For those brave who have been encouraged to go to New York in the middle of winter they are presented with a unique opportunity, since the vast majority of theaters in New York offer great discounts on their performances during Broadway Week, with the possibility of going two spectators for the price of one ticket to musicals such as The Lion King, Aladdin, Matilda, Chicago, Jersey Boys, School of Rock, The Phantom of the Opera or Wicked, musicals that in many cases do not offer any kind of discount during the rest of the year. In addition, in the middle of winter it is appreciated to enter a theater and spend the heat a couple of hours or three enjoying some of the best musicals in the world. The dates for the 2020 Winter Broadway Week are not yet known, as soon as they are published in this article.

The Broadway Week of summer

As for the summer season, Broadway Week in New York is celebrated at the beginning of September and usually coincides with the end of the US Open and the start of the New York Fashion Week. In this case, the discounts and musicals that offer discount are exactly the same as in the winter season, although it is also possible to see the new Broadway premieres in September. In the 2019 year the Broadway Week will be made from the 3 to the 15 in September, and book tickets starting next August 14.

When we can get discounted tickets in musicals

You must run and be very attentive, the tickets on sale are put on sale and will be sold out quickly, since discounted tickets are limited, especially for the most famous musicals. To get an idea of ​​the discount, an entry for one of the most famous musicals, Chicago, start at $ 68.5, so using the 2x1 offer the price is very attractive, but it is quite difficult to find discounted tickets for the most famous Broadway musicals.

How to buy tickets to Broadway

The way of buying tickets at a discount is very simple, enter the official website of Broadway Week and click on the button Buy now of the Broadway musical that you are interested to see. You also have the possibility in most of the theaters, paying an extra, to improve the tickets inside the theater with a good discount, clicking on the button Buy with upgrade.

And if you run out of discounted tickets

If you run out of tickets with your favorite musical offer and still want to go see it, or go at another time of the year, I always recommend you read our article where we give you recommendations and tips for buy tickets for musicals in New York the best price. And if you want to know what is the experience of going to see a musical, read my latest experience: Anastasia.

Where to buy tickets

For more information about all the musicals that make the offer and ticket sales 2x1 visit the official website of Broadway Week at the end of December or the end of August, and you will have all the information already available and you can buy the tickets directly from this website.