Better maps of New York to take on your trip

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One question that they usually ask me is to ask me for advice about better maps that can be downloaded before the trip and take them on your mobile or on your tablet to be able to consult them during your trip to New York, so I will try to give you some advice on this aspect in this article.New York from the Empire State Building

Public transport maps

A map that I always like to take with me is the one New York subway, very useful to know the nearby metro lines and how to go to our next destination. Something more complicated is to get around by bus, but if you manage to catch the trick on buses they can be great allies of yours to move around the city, especially if you have bought a Metrocard with unlimited trips during a certain number of days. Both maps, metro and municipal buses, you can download them from the official website of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority or MTA:

Also, if you have mobility problems, here is the official map with accessible subway stations, unfortunately they are quite few, although little by little they are improving the stations and incorporating ramps and elevators.

If you are going to use the subway or the bus, it is likely that you are interested in reading our article about How to get a New York Metrocard step by step.

Use Google Maps in off-line mode

Since the 2016 year, Google Maps allows you to download parts of the map and consult them off-line, which has made it another essential to travel to New York. A few days before traveling, download the map and you can consult it at any time on your tablet or smartphone and get your position without using your data. In the Google Maps official website They tell you how to do it for IOS and Android devices.

Tourist attractions maps

For those who do not clarify much with Google Maps, or who prefer to take a map of all life, in the network you will find several maps and plans of New York, with more or less detail. After a good review, I especially like these three, which are quite updated, at high resolution so you can see everything perfectly:

You can also be useful complete guide of New York, where you will find for each route a detailed map of the area and tips for eating, buying, ...

To get an idea, before your trip, where all the tourist attractions are, you can always go to our article Map of New York tourist attractions, where we mark the main tourist attractions in an interactive map, or What to see in New York?, an article in which we indicate the 20 sites that you can not miss from New York on your first visit.

And finally, this map mixes all these maps a bit and adds the bike lanes available in New York, ideal for those who want to use the shared bicycle service in New York, City Bike:

Use the free Wi-Fi to browse apps

The last advice, besides requesting a map as soon as you arrive at your hotel, in case one day you run out of battery, is that during your stay use the open WiFi networks that you find in all the parks in New York and in most restaurants and cafes, such as McDonalds or Starbucks, or free Wi-Fi hotspots. LinkNYC to connect and making use of our fantastic app for IOS and Android check your situation in the city and how to move to your next destination, or use an app like Citymapper, which tells you how to go by public transport in the fastest way from one side of the city to the other.

More information

In our article How to get free WiFi in New York we give you all the updated information about the WiFi points you can find in New York, and you can find more information and other useful tips for your visit in Useful information for the traveler.

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