Autumn in New York

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Autumn is one of my favorite times in New York, I recommend this season a lot because the temperatures are lowered, but it is still high enough to enjoy kicking the city. In addition, the trees are beautiful and Central Park takes some spectacular colors, so a walk through this park is, for me, mandatory.

The New York Marathon, the autumn event

The New York Marathon is one of the biggest shows you can see in the city, more than a million people and 60.000 athletes take to the streets on the first Sunday of November to enjoy this sporting event, if you are at that time around the city You will see that you breathe a different air and pampers both runners and their companions.

The NBA begins

Fall is the end of the baseball and soccer season, the playoffs end at the end of October, but the NBA season begins in October, and the two New York teams (New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets) will play games at its spectacular stadiums.

Ice skating returns

Autumn marks the start of the ice skating season in New York, at the beginning of October you will be able to skate at the Rockefeller Center and by the end of October all the ice skating rinks in the city will be open, so put your skates on your feet and enjoy skating overlooking Manhattan.

Halloween and Thanksgiving

In November two of the funniest and most endearing festivities of the North American calendar are celebrated: Halloween, the day of the deceased with its great parade through the streets of the Viillage, which I recommend you not to miss, and Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving, the day of the year in which Americans sit with their families to enjoy the famous baked turkey. Right after Thanksgiving the best sales of the year are made on Black Friday, so if you have a little patience you can enjoy shopping, but be careful not to burn the bank card laughing

Main autumn events in New York

And now, without further ado, I give way to all the content we have prepared for those who come to New York in the fall: