Enjoy the Chinese New Year in New York

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This next Tuesday 5 of February is celebrated the Chinese New Year, and as every year we propose you to go to the main events that you can enjoy from today in New York to welcome the Year of the Pig.

When is the Chinese New Year celebrated?

The Chinese New Year celebrations they always take place at the beginning of February, and in the 2019 year they will start the 5 day in February with fireworks in Flushing, then the next Saturday 9 in February, in Manhattan, to celebrate the traditional parade Madison Street to Madison Avenue: A Lunar New Year Celebration! that will start at the 11 in the morning at the corner of Madison Avenue and 76th Street in the Upper East Side and that will go down to 54th Street in Midtown, ending all the acts around 3 in the afternoon, without a doubt a great opportunity to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities without moving from downtown Manhattan.

The day will end with some fireworks to welcome the New Year, which will fire from the 84 Pier starting at the 8: 30 in the afternoon (more visible from the Hudson or New Jersey).

Celebration of the Chinese New Year

The largest Chinatown in New York

The biggest chinatown in New York is not the one in Manhattan, but the one in Flushing (Queens), and they will also celebrate the Chinese New Year the next Saturday 9 of February with a great parade that will run along Main street, in Flushing, starting at 11 in the morning and ending at the 1 in the afternoon, and competing each year more with the most famous parade, which is the one that takes place in Manhattan.

For those who want to see this parade, I recommend a good place to see it, the vicinity of the Queens Library, which you can easily reach by taking the 7 subway line to Flushing - Main St.

The great parade of Chinatown

However, the most famous of all the parades is the one performed in Chinatown, the Lunar New Year Parade & Festival, a parade where more than 5000 people they are expected to act to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and that more than half a million people are still on the streets of Chinatown.

The parade will start from Mott Street next 17 Sunday of February to that of the 1 of the afternoon, although throughout the day you can enjoy a great atmosphere throughout the neighborhood and I recommend you take a walk through it.

During the parade you will see the typical lions or Chinese dragons mixed with music bands and dance performances until the 3 of the afternoon through all the streets of Chinatown, ending the parade in Broome / Forsyth.

From then on, the party will move to Sara D. Roosevelt Park, where you can enjoy musical performances, martial arts exhibitions and dances.

More information about the Chinese New Year in New York

More information and itinerary of this parade on the official website of Madison Street to Madison Avenue, to Lunar Year Celebration!, 20th Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival and the Flushing New Year Parade.

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