An app to take with you to New York City

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Updated information to 6 of May of 2019.

Within the changes that we are addressing on our website, one of the most important changes we are going to make is the launch of Destination New York, an app without advertising, available for both Android and IOS, which lets you know at all times where you are located in New York and what places of interest you have near you.

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So you can take an updated guide to New York on your mobile or tablet: get connected at any time and we will recommend routes and tell you the nearest sites of interest allowing you to filter by categories: Museums, parks, tourist sites, restaurants, ... that the app works optimally we recommend that you activate the location / GPS services of your mobile or tablet before using it.

The app does not have advertising and for the time being it will help you find and enjoy the best places in Manhattan, 12 routes are already included in New York and more than 110 points of interest in the city. Little by little we will expand the sites of interest and routes to cover more areas of New York. At any point of interest you can ask us to tell you how to reach the same good by public transport or walking or by car. In addition, you have the option of consulting off-line over 30 routes and points of interest and a list of recommended restaurants, through the option Complete guide, so that even if you do not have WiFi connection in New York, something that is difficult because it is very easy to get a free one, you can consult this guide and its maps at any time.

Clicking on the button Update in any map we will position you in it and we will update your position as you move, pressing again Update we will stop doing it and you can save battery.

Also, to be able Quickly consult routes and places of interest, you just have to mark them as favorites and use the option Favorites of the menu to view them. Yes, besides you want to print them, by clicking on the menu on To print We will generate a pdf with your favorite routes and sites of interest and we will allow you to customize this pdf to optionally include your name and your travel date.

Finally, by clicking on the menu above Free WiFi we show you a map with free WiFi spots in New York, so you can know where you need to go next time to connect and be able to consult our guide.

The app has a cost of 3.99 € + VAT, which are used exclusively to cover the cost of developing the app on both platforms and to continue including new points of interest and routes through New York and update all existing information. If by any circumstance you have any problem or query to make we ask you to contact us through the contact menu option, we will assist you as soon as possible.

The app is available for both Android and IOS, for more information visit the website of Destination New York and you can download it from here:

Get it on Google Play

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Destination New York Lite

In addition, we have released, for the moment only for Android, a simplified version of our app with advertising, Destino Nueva York Lite, which allows you to consult the same routes and points of interest but does not have other features, such as saving favorites, printing your favorites in PDF format, sending your valuations or consulting an off-line guide of more than 100 pages. For more information visit Google Play.

And if you prefer a personalized plan for your trip

Then use and hire our new service, in which we will make a personalized plan for you day by day of your stay in the city, which you can even consult offline during your stay in New York. For more information, read our article Custom plans for New York.