A walk through Hoboken watching New York

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Hoboken, city located in the state of New Jersey, is the hometown of the legendary Frank Sinatra and has a Promenade with beautiful views of New York, because it is located just across the Hudson River, between Houston street and approximately 30th street in Manhattan. Over the years, the city has become a destination for wealthy people from New York who want to live very close to Manhattan, 10 minutes from downtown Manhattan by subway, but flee from the bustle of New York, making it an area very quiet and with a great atmosphere.

How to get to Hoboken?

To get to Hoboken, the two simplest ways to do it are the following:

  • The one I recommend, the PATH, the subway that connects New York with New Jersey. It is not included in the one-week subway, but the ticket price is quite cheap ($ 2,75 per project). There are two PATH lines that arrive at the Hoboken maritime station: the blue line departs on 33th Street working days, right next to Macy's, and has stops at 23rd, 14th, 9th and Cristopher Street before crossing the street. river and the green line on weekdays that leaves the WTC, the new Oculus designed by Calatrava. On the weekend and holidays, the orange line of the PATH, which runs along the same line as the blue line, deviates when crossing the river and stops in Hoboken. More information and schedules in the Official website of the PATH
  • The ferry, operated by the company NY Waterway, has 3 lines to Hoboken:
    • Departure from Pier 11 / Wall St. and arrival at the Hoboken maritime station, with a price of $ 7 per way. Plus information on this line
    • Departure from the WTC and arrival at the Hoboken maritime station, with a price of $ 10,75 per way. Plus information on this line
    • Departure from the Midtown / W 39th maritime station and arrival at the 14th station in Hoboken, with a price of $ 9 per way. Plus information on this line

I recommend you make this excursion towards the sunset, to enjoy the views from Hoboken both day and evening.

We begin our trip to Hoboken

In our case, we started the tour by taking the PATH on 33th Street, which is located right next to Macy's or the Empire State Building. To buy the ticket, right next to the entrance there are automatic vending machines that allow us to buy it. We enter the blue line, being the first stop all trains go to Hoboken, and in less than 12 minutes we are at the last stop, which is Hoboken. As a curiosity to indicate that when you enter the single ticket on the winch to access the platform, it stays with it.

We start the walk

When going out, we do it through the train and bus station in Hoboken, and there is no way to get to our destination, Frank Sinatra Drive, because from the first moment we are seeing Manhattan in the background.

New York seen from Hoboken
New York seen from Hoboken

We arrived in a moment to the maritime station of Hoboken and We started walking on the Frank Sinatra Drive, taking advantage of the small parks that are there and that allow you to be a little closer to Manhattan and we began to enjoy a beautiful walk along the river enjoying beautiful views of Manhattan.

Eat or dine in Hoboken

Along the entire promenade, we find small restaurants where we can stop for a drink after our walk or dinner. In my case I can have my fantastic memories of pizza and I stop for dinner at the establishment that Grimaldi's has opened in Hoboken, a bit inside the city, on Washington Street between 4th and 5th street, in a fairly quiet place and where the pizza is as rich as I remembered, I have marked it on the map in case anyone has an interest in going.

Two options for the return

To return to Manhattan After the walk we are offered two possibilities:

  • Go back to the maritime station and take the PATH back to Manhattan, which I recommend if it gets dark or does not make a good temperature to go by boat.
  • Walk to the 14th street in Hoboken, where we will take a ferry to the turn that leaves us on 39th Street in Manhattan, or take a ferry from the Hoboken maritime station that will take us to the Financial District.

Map of the route

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