A ride on the NYC Ferry

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Today we are going to talk about the last public transport that has been implemented in New York: The NYC Ferry, a series of ferry lines that link the Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods across the East and Brooklyn Rivers.

The ticket price is $ 2.75, and it is valid to use the ferry for 90 minutes (if you want to change, you must request it when entering the ferry).

There are currently 6 ferry routes that work approximately from 6: 30 in the morning until the 10 at night, depending on the line, and we in this article propose you to use one, the Astoria orange line, to make a beautiful tour of New York, which can take us around mid-morning or afternoon.

We start our route

We start the route in the best possible way: Taking the Roosevelt Island cable car to go to this island, which is included in the Metrocard unlimited travel card. When we get to the island, just next to the cable car we find the Roosevelt Island ferry station, but before we take it we will take advantage of the opportunity to visit the island of Roosevelt and enjoy the views from Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park of all Manhattan, a park that does not open on Tuesdays and that is open until the 7 in the afternoon during the summer and until the 5 in the afternoon in winter.

Taking the ferry

After enjoying the beautiful views from the park and the promenade of Roosevelt Island, we return to the cable car, we arrive at the ferry station and we will take it towards Wall St./Pier 11. To get the ticket, since at the moment it is not included in the Metrocard or in any tourist card, we must go to the vending machines that we find in the terminal and take out our ticket, which costs $ 2.75 per person, year 2018. Although you can also pay using the NYC Ferry app, I do not recommend it unless you are going to spend a good season in New York and you are going to be regular users of this service.

Start the boat trip

The ferry runs every half hour or so, and be vigilant to catch the line in the right direction (on the ferry you will see a sign that puts Wall St./Pier 11) As soon as you leave, we begin to enjoy beautiful views of all Manhattan from the river at a price significantly lower than that of any of the river cruises.

NYC Ferry, near the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC Ferry, near the Brooklyn Bridge

The ferry stops

Our first stop will be a good place to get off at dusk, in the surroundings of Gantry Plaza State Park, with spectacular views of the entire city, and if we continue on the ferry the next stop will be on 34th Street, very close to the UN building, and the next and final stop on this line will be Wall Street / Pier 11, which It is located quite close to the famous Stock Exchange building and the beginning of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The video of the route

Here is the video of the route we recently made at the NYC Ferry, so you can get an idea of ​​what you are going to see from this new public transport in New York:


The truth is that the trip at the NYC Ferry has enchanted us, and we recommend you to see New York from the sea, we must bear in mind that it is not a tourist cruise, so it does not make stops to take photos or similar things , but the views that are obtained from the top of the ferry are extraordinary and an unbeatable price.

More information

For more information, to see the schedules and updated information of all the routes that the ferry makes, I recommend you to visit the official website of NYC Ferry, mainly in English.

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