A different walk through Brooklyn

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On this tour we will visit the other Brooklyn more unknown to tourists who come to New York, which does not appear in the guides but allows us to enjoy a great day at the beach, an amusement park, the oldest cemetery in New York and that is a great botanical garden or the new pier newly redesigned and open for the general public.

We started at the Barclays Center

The walk begins at the Barclays Center, the newest multipurpose pavilion in New York, which is the home of the Brooklyn Nets and where some of the best music concerts in New York are held. Its avant-garde façade is worth seeing and losing 10 minutes in a walk through it. Then we went to the Brooklyn Museum, located two subway stops from the Barclays Center, so we can go by subway or take a short walk down Flatbush Avenue.

Visit to the museum and the botanist of Brooklyn

Located more or less in the center of Brooklyn, this museum is undoubtedly one of the most unknown in New York, it is quite far from the tourist circuit of museums, but it is essential to visit especially for lovers of Egyptian art , not in vain is considered one of the best museums in the world in that area.

Right next door we find the Brooklyn botanical garden, beautiful in spring or fall, and next door begins Prospect Park, the so-called Central Park of Brooklyn and which was designed by the same architects as Central Park.

Let's go to Coney Island

Then, in the vicinity of the museum we take the subway that will take us to Coney Island, the summer recreation area of ​​New Yorkers and where we find the only urban beach in New York accessible by subway.

Just off the subway, if we go to the seafront we find the popular Nathan's, their hotdogs are known throughout the world and their annual competition to see who is the person who can eat more hotdogs, which is celebrated the 4 of July, is followed by the whole country.

We continue walking and if we go to the promenade we find ourselves on our left and right with the extensive beach of Coney Island, already bathed by the Atlantic. If we walk, on our right we will find the pier of Coney Island, with a beautiful view of the entire bay and on the left we will find all kinds of food and drink stalls and attractions of the Luna Park amusement park, where children Sure they have a great time.

Barclays Center
Barclays Center

The mythical Cyclone

For the most intrepid in Luna Park is the oldest roller coaster in the United States, the legendary Cyclone, which made of wood has been terrorizing generations of New Yorkers for almost a century. Undoubtedly, the experience of riding in it is special, it is not the mountain that gives you the most fear, but feeling how the wood is creaking as you go by without doubt makes the experience unforgettable.

The mythical roller coaster Cyclone
The mythical Cyclone

Right next to the Cyclone is the New York Aquarium, a beautiful aquarium that destroyed Hurricane Sandy but that little by little they are recovering for the enjoyment of all visitors.

When we are finished in Coney Island, we go by subway to our next goal in our visit to Brooklyn, the Green-Wood cemetery, for which we must get off at the 25th street stop in Brooklyn.

We discovered the Green-wood cemetery

Green-wood is the oldest cemetery in New York, it was opened to the public in 1838 and in it are buried personalities like Samuel Morse, Leonard Bernstein, baseball legends like Henry Chadwick or the founder of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Charles Ebbets, politicians like Horace Greeley, founder of the Republican party, generals of the Civil War, ... The cemetery has become over the years a spectacular botanical garden, with some spectacular examples of trees, and being the highest point of Brooklyn are achieved Very good views of all of New York, especially the Financial District.

New York from the Green-wood cemetery
New York from the Green-wood cemetery

We finished the ride at Brooklyn Bridge Park

To finish rounding off the day, we will approach the Brooklyn Bridge, and specifically the new area of ​​the Brooklyn Bridge Park that has just opened, which corresponds to all the old docks that existed in that area and that have been converted into parks , skating rinks, .... To do this, we take the subway again in 25th and we will go down in Court Street, to go right to the Brooklyn Promenade.

Brooklyn Promenade
Brooklyn Promenade

After a lovely walk along the Brooklyn Promenade we go to Old Fulton Street, and right next to Brooklyn's Ice Cream Factory we have access to the new docks, with breathtaking views of Lower Manhattan. This area is very good for lunch or dinner, not in vain we have a Shake Shack and two of the best pizzerias in New York, Juliana and Grimaldi, in just a few meters. For those who want to round off the day, I invite you to rest in this area and go to see the sunset from the area of ​​this park that is in DUMBO, the New York sunset view with the Brooklyn Bridge and the One World Trade Center and the New York by Gehry in the background is priceless.

After the beating, the vast majority will go to York Street to catch the subway back to Manhattan, and the bravest will cross the Brooklyn Bridge at night to finish enjoying a beautiful day in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Map of the Brooklyn walk

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