Serendipity 3

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We are facing one of the sites with the best desserts in New York, so I recommend you leave a space for dessert if you come one day to lunch or dinner at Serendipity.

Serendipity 3 basic data

Name: Serendipity 3


Address: 225 60th East Street

Phone:(212) 838-3531

Area: Central Park

Type: Restaurant

Price: From 20 to 40 €

Entrance to Serendipity 3
Entrance to Serendipity 3

Restaurant comment

We are in front of one of the best known restaurants in Manhattan, and it is not precisely because of its food, that it is rich, its fame especially came through a movie, Serendipity, and its spectacular desserts, all delicious.

It's worth stopping to admire its decoration while we eat, their ice creams are great but they are huge so it is better to ask them to share: Strawberry Fields Sundae, Forbidden Broadway Sundae and "Can not Say No" Sundae.

Of course, his fame is so great that there is usually enough queue to enter and they have enabled some banks in the street to be able to wait seated, so I recommend to go during the week and better to the hours in which the New Yorkers do not tend to eat or dine. As in all restaurants in New York, it is not bad to go just to have dessert, so if you have eaten anywhere and at mid-afternoon you are hungry, without a doubt a good choice for your snack will be to go to Serendipity and ask the dessert directly, probably that day you will not have dinner.

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