5 Best points to encourage your marathoners

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We will try to describe in an article my experience and my feelings with the New York Marathon, something difficult to capture on a sheet of paper because there are many and varied sensations had. Also, I will try to tell you the better points to go see it Whether you are going by curiosity or by chance to see it as if you are following a friend or family member.

My experience in the New York Marathon

I have been to the New York Marathon numerous times. In the year 2009 was the discovery of the race, it was a coincidence that it was in New York at that time and it caused me an immediate crush. In the year 2010 and 2011 we had to be quite heavy because several relatives signed up for the marathon and there we were following them through all the districts of New York.

So as we said before, the first year was a coincidence that we were in New York, we did not even know that the marathon was held on Sunday until we arrived on Friday in New York and we started to see the atmosphere that is breathed in New York at that time and the affection that all New Yorkers have for their marathon. In all the stores that you go to as soon as they see that you are a foreigner they ask you if you have come willing to run the marathon and wish you good luck and a good race on Sunday if you are a lucky holder of a race number.

The route of the marathon

The marathon, contrary to what most people believe, has the Most of the tour outside of Manhattan. The first 26 kilometers are made by Brooklyn and by Queens, then you enter minimally to Manhattan, through the bridge of Queensboro (at the height of 59th Street with First Avenue), it goes all the First Avenue to Harlem, then He goes briefly to the Bronx, goes back to Harlem and enters Manhattan by Central Park to end the race there.

See the marathoners pass

So if you have the hotel in Manhattan, and you want to see the passage of the runners, I recommend you go to the Fifth Avenue, at the corner with the Plaza Hotel, and for that area, you can watch the hard-working runners pass by and see how the last two kilometers of the marathon are going. The first thing that will surprise you is the amount of bustle that there is in the street and the continuous encouragement that is given to all the runners, and that when for example I reached that point the first year had already more than half an hour had passed the winners of the marathon. New York turns its marathon and more than two million are betting on its streets to see the passage of the runners and encourage everyone equally, regardless of whether they know them or not. Another good point to see the marathon is the entrance to Central Park of the marathon, which takes place approximately at the height of the Guggenheim Museum (on 91th Street)

People cheering in the Plaza, two kilometers from the finish line
People cheering in the Plaza, two kilometers from the finish line

Follow-up of the marathoners

The next two years, as I said before, I was following several relatives, and for that you need to make good planning according to the brand that marathoners have. Then I will put the points where I think it is more worthwhile to position yourself to see them pass your long-suffering relatives or marathon friends.

First point: Exit of the Verrazano bridge

This is the point where you will be more euphoric next to the finish line. Crossing the Verrazano bridge while ringing Frank Sinatra's New York New York must be an unforgettable experience, and since they have already warmed up, they have to travel from 3 to 5 kilometers, depending on where you stay with them. Probably some of the clothes they have worn so as not to get too cold while they wait for their turn for the start of the marathon are over and they want to give them to run with less weight. At this point you have to be very careful, because during the first 8 miles there are three lines of runners and they are differentiated by the dorsal color: blue, orange and green. Blue and orange leave Verrazano on the same street, but green does not, so be careful and check the streets where your runners will pass at this point. From Manhattan, calculate that you have approximately one hour to get to this point in Brooklyn.

Just cross Verrazano (mile 3 - green line)
Just cross Verrazano (mile 3 - green line)

Second point: Half marathon

The half marathon (mile 13) is located in the middle of a bridge, so you can not be there cheering on your runners. I I recommend you see them as close as possible to the Bedford Avenue / North 7 Street Brooklyn subway station, between the miles 11 and 12, since there passes the subway that takes you quickly to Manhattan to be able to see them enter the island (take the L line to Union Square and change to the line 4, 5 or 6, which drive to Queensboro, 59th / Lexington Avenue or Harlem, 125th / Lexington Avenue)

Third point: Entry into Manhattan

The exit of the bridge of Queenboro is the entry point to Manhattan of the marathon (mile 16), and at this point it is quite easy to see them because it is a very wide avenue and you can easily stay with them. Since it is a pretty downtown point of Manhattan, I recommend you approach one of the previous days and set a point where you are going to place approximately so that the runners have a good reference. Undoubtedly, the Queensboro Bridge is one of the toughest in the race, but entering Manhattan, seeing all the most famous skyscrapers in New York in the background, increases morale.

Leaving the Queensboro Bridge (mile 16)
Leaving the Queensboro Bridge (mile 16)

Fourth point: Harlem

The good thing about 125th street in Harlem is that the marathon goes through First Avenue and Fifth Avenue. If you see that one of your marathoners is having a hard time, you can take the subway right next to the Queensboro Bridge and go to First Avenue on 125th Street to cheer him up again before starting to climb the Willis Bridge, which will take you to the Bronx. Then, along the same street 125th you can go to encourage them to one of the hardest points of the marathon, the famous wall that marathoners are from 35 kilometer, and that is true just at this point in Harlem. On the way to the subway to the finish line from the 35 kilometer, you will pass through one of Harlem's tourist attractions, such as the Apollo Theater, and you will be shocked to see how different Park Avenue is in Harlem and Manhattan. Of course, as your marathoners have a good brand, or run like them or you will not be able to see them in the colon, so I recommend you go directly to the 35 kilometer from the Queensboro bridge, since it is likely that if they run a lot , between the 3 and 4 brand hours in the marathon, do not arrive by subway before them to the first point of the two Harlem.

Fifth point: Arrival at the Goal

See them reach the goal is not easy, because there is a large crowd of people, although everything depends on the brand they make. Nevertheless, The best place to see them is to enter Central Park on 66th Street, you go through the meadow and go out just to the last climb of the marathon, where the marathoners have only 200 meters left to arrive but they are eternal. When your runner finishes, they will give you their medal and a bag with different gifts, and will normally leave the finish line by the 71th street exit or higher. Here it is convenient that either the marathoner has taken his mobile to be able to contact you at any time, or fix a place to be when he is allowed to leave the entire target area, for example in the area of ​​the Dakota building, in Central Park West, because there are really many people and it will be difficult to be among the crowd.

Crossing the 26 mile, a few 400 meters from the finish
Crossing the 26 mile, a few 400 meters from the finish

Map with the indicated points

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