2x1 in the main tourist attractions of New York

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Among the actions that are being carried out to attract tourists this winter, when it is colder in the city, among all the realization of the third one stands out Must-see Week of New York, that is celebrated of the 21 of January until the 10 of February of 2019, and that allows us to obtain an 2x1 in the entrances to the main tourist attractions of New York.Central park from Top of the Rock, included in the Attractions Week

What is New York's Must-see Week?

This event, which takes place for the third time this year, allows you to get 2 tickets at the price of 1 in the main tourist attractions of New York until the 10 in February, so if you are in New York at this time, I would not hesitate to see the offers and take advantage of the price to go up Top of the Rock, the Empire State Building, the One World Observatory, go to the museums in New York or make a sunset cruise through New York or use the the tourist bus of New York or the Water Taxi. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is not possible to take tickets with this offer for dates after the February 10, and they will not allow you to change the date of the tickets, so it's best that you use some connection Free WiFi in New York to get the tickets to the viewpoints or cruises in New York the same day you want to use them to guarantee good weather.

How to obtain the offer?

To obtain the offer you must buy the tickets to enter the chosen tourist attraction by entering the official website of the offer, where you can see all the tourist attractions that have offer, select buy online, which will reach the official website of the tourist attraction, and entering when going to pay the coupon MUSTSEE19, for each ticket bought they will give you another one. Remember that you can only buy four tickets with this offer for each purchase, although you can use the offer in as many attractions as you wish.

Be in advance at the chosen tourist attraction

Since you can not change the tickets, I recommend that if the tourist attraction offers you an hour to go to it, for example in the New York viewpoints, to be always with a little advance At the time of entry you have chosen, at least be there half an hour before, because you can form some specific agglomerations and you will have real problems to change your tickets as the time of entry to it has passed.

More information about the Must-see Week 2019

For more information about the tourist attractions that are part of this first Must-see Week, ticket purchase and other interesting details I recommend you to enter the official website of Tourism of New York NYCGo.com.